Watch These Unique Scandinavian Shenanigans

StoryfulPublished: March 27, 2018
Published: March 27, 2018

It turns out that there is more coolness to Scandinavia and its neighbors than everywhere else in the world. If you ever head to the famous Scandi lands, you may find yourself wondering what some road signs really mean. For example,"fart" means "speed". These following footages are both fast and furious and will definitely have your jaw dropped down!

Even if you visit Scandinavia for a short period of time, you will definitely witness a number of unexpected things. Just as the people in this incredible video have done some crazy stuff. Doing handstand under a hot air balloon with no safety line? This man said that his safety line is years of physical and mental preparation. I can’t even do a handstand on the ground, haha!

Riding a bicycle on incredibly steep and twisted road backward? It may seem impossible to you, but the man in this video is the master of balance when it comes to doing dangerous stuff. Will you dare to do a handstand on top of a latter on a high cliff? Well, there are people in Scandinavia who are true daredevils.

Looking for an efficient way to ride the ice, one man has decided to do chainsaw ice skating. Incredible right? Next, you will see a man cutting a tree down with a rifle. Right after the third shot, the tree falls down. And there are many more shenanigans presented in this amazing video.
From balancing on the edge of the Fjords to cycling backward and racing office chairs, these are some things you’ll only find in Scandinavia. Enjoy!

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