Confused Girl Cannot Decide Between Dad And His Identical Twin Brother

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Rumble An adorable baby was left baffled and confused after meeting her dad’s identical twin for the first time, obviously she couldn’t tell for sure which one of them is her daddy. Hilarious!

Two-year-old Naira Jindal travelled with her parents Rahul and Deepti from their home in Auckland, New Zealand, to visit their close relatives in Gurgaon, India. This was the first time Naira had been to India and met her dad’s brother, Rohit, sparking great confusion for the youngster when the pair stood side by side.

In the hilarious video, she can’t decide which of the two men is her father, so she happily reaches out to both of them, switching turns every time the other man suggests that he is her father. The two men take turn calling themselves her daddy, which sparks serious confusion in little girl’s head.

In the beginning of this clip, Naira is being held by her uncle Rohit, but thinks that he is her dad Rahul. When asked who is daddy, she points at Rohit until Rahul denies and says that actually he is her daddy and she motions her heads to be held by her him, ditching Rohit. Cuteness overload!

Locked in a cute confusion, she is happy to be passed between brothers as the rest of the family watches the sweet performance and laughs each time she tries to figure out who is her daddy.

Have you ever wondered what happens in a toddler’s mind? The great, big new world can be an intimidating place for toddlers. But if they’re lucky, they can always take solace in their dad’s familiar face and comforting touch. However, what happens if somebody has the same face as their daddy? Yes, we are talking about twins. In that case, it's hard to tell identical twins apart. Even close friends and family, including the children, can mix up the names and sometimes the person itself.

When this delightful little girl met her daddy’s twin brother for the first time she was joyfully confused, and mistakenly rushes to give her uncle a big hug, then seconds later her dad objects and claims he is her daddy, so she soon realizes there are two of her daddies. What a shocker!


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