The Rainbow Village Of Taiwan

Published March 27, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble An ex-soldier has successfully saved his village from demolition after painting it from top to bottom with colourful artwork.

Huang Yung-Fu, who fought for the Kuomintang Army against communist troops in China’s civil war, has covered his settlement with drawings of animals, people and other quirky manga characters.

The dwelling, located in the Taichung area of Western Taiwan, is now dubbed the ‘Rainbow Village’, with Huang himself commonly referred to as RainbowGrandpa.

It all began In 1949, when Kuomintang soldiers began to flee mainland China and were given temporary housing in several ‘veterans villages’ across Taiwan.

Huang’s settlement became permanent and increasingly run down over time, attracting the attention of housing developers who wanted to buy the land to redevelop it.

Despite being offered new accommodation, Huang stayed put until he was the only person left in his village. His boredom led him to paint a bird inside his home, with the artwork eventually spreading to the walls, floors and alleys of the entire village.

The colourful creations were then noticed by students at the nearby Ling Tung University, who subsequently campaigned for the village to be preserved and labelled a cultural landmark.

Authorities agreed to suspend the demolition and Rainbow Village now stands as one of the most unique tourist attractions across Asia.

Jade Toft, who recently visited the Rainbow Village on her travels, said: “Entering the village was like entering a whole new world because it was exploding with colour in every direction.

“The atmosphere was very relaxing and happy, and it’s hard to feel sad when you’re surrounded by colour and happy drawings wherever you look.

“It’s a quaint, tiny village that you wouldn’t expect to find in the bustling city of Taichung and it was a bit surreal to stumble upon it.

“I have never seen anything quite like it.”


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