This Elderly Woman Had A Sidesplitting Reaction To First Ever Fish Spa

Caters_NewsPublished: March 27, 20188,633 views
Published: March 27, 2018

There is such an abundance of spa treatments to choose from nowadays. You’ve got your rocks, your goats, your elephants, and as of recently, fish. They use these tiny little fish called Garra Rufa, otherwise known as Doctor Fish, who like to nibble on the skin of patients infected with psoriasis. Everyone reacts differently to the treatment; this is one version.

This hilarious footage shows what happens when a nervous pensioner takes the plunge with a fish spa for the first time. The didn’t just help her with the skin condition, they also lengthened her life with all that hysterical laughter! When Jacquie Wehmeyer went to dunk her feet at the Garra Fish Spa Experience in Newport, Kentucky, she had no idea how tickling the effect would be and she barely held it together.

The 68-year-old went with her husband Gary and daughter Jennifer, who was able to capture her mom’s sidesplitting reaction on camera. The retired mom’s response to the painless nibbles of the good Doctor fish has made quite the splash on the Internet, gathering 12 million views!

It was Jennifer’s idea to take her parents to the spa, having already tried the treatment herself. But her mom’s reaction was just too much. “It was hard to film because I was laughing so hard with tears streaming down my face. I’m still laughing when I think about it,” said the 42-year-old. “There were some people watching outside, so my dad was trying to calm her down.”

Still, even though she wailed throughout the video, Jacquie actually admitted that it was very soothing. “I was screaming but it was actually very soothing. It was just the anxiety of the unknown. It felt kind of like a bubble bath, but between the toes. It tickles, but it’s nice once I calmed down. I would definitely go again.”

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