Clever Pooch Shows Just How Dexterous And Disciplined He Can Be

Caters_NewsPublished: March 27, 2018
Published: March 27, 2018

This incredible pup can do the most amazing tricks - from climbing ladders to bringing his owner various different objects. He also has incredible self-restraint and can perform the most elaborate tricks at his owner’s request. Amazingly, this one-year-old border collie takes only about five minutes to pick up these tricks. Though he is not trained too much, he is an intelligent dog. He does the tricks because he loves human interaction with his owner and the fuss that he gives him. This clever pup is undoubtedly at the top of his class.

He is treated just like a grown up person because his owner never forgets to speak with him throughout the day. We know that dogs, just like little children, enjoy being paid attention to because that makes them feel like they are the best of friends. And they really are. This dog is not given treats in order to be trained, he is only interested in human interaction and treats interest him less. But he is always encouraged for his positive behavior with game sessions or he is reward a five-minute play. That is what he likes the best. He is really something special - a spectacular dog picking up on things so quickly.

If his tricks can be shown to the world and they bring a smile to anyone who is watching the video then it served its purpose. There is nothing more priceless than an honest smile on someone’s face.

If you want to watch more of him, he has his own facebook page ( – with 30,000 fans keeping up to date with his latest tricks.

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