Angry elephant calf charges rescue team

NewsflarePublished: March 27, 2018243 views
Published: March 27, 2018

Indian forest officials rescued a two-month-old elephant calf that had slipped into a trench with the help of local villagers.

The incident took place near Hosur in South India on March 26.

The elephant herd was on the move in search of fodder when the calf slipped into a 5-feet deep trench that had been dug up for a pipeline.

The adult elephants tried in vain to rescue the shrieking calf stuck in the narrow trench.

Local residents alerted the Forest Department on hearing the cries of the elephants.

A rescue team widened the trench and then hauled the calf up with the help of ropes.

The calf was agitated and its eyes were covered with a piece of cloth in a bid to pacify it.

The calf, which had not suffered any injury, charged at the rescue team in anger after emerging out of the trench.

But the team managed to restrain and move it to a rescue centre. They said they will try to reunite it with the herd, which had moved away.

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