Adorable Bulldog Loves His Toy So Much That He Sends Dad In Fits Of Giggle

NewsflarePublished: March 26, 201826,768 views
Published: March 26, 2018

The simple moments we share with our pets are often what make us smile the most. Our dogs are great at cheering us up, even on the worst of days, and this bulldog is a beautiful example of the love between a man and his dog. He made his owner laugh non stop while playing together. The bulldog is using a simple trick at his home in Contra Costa County, California.

Dad uses a squeaky toy to call for his dog that runs to get the toy only to get his head stuck in dad’s arm. Every time he pops his head through, dad can’t stop laughing. This guy finds it hilarious and asks his dog to do it repeatedly. If it isn’t clear enough from the man’s actions how much he loves his dog, the tattoo of his dog right over his heart should make it loud and clear. The bulldog is probably smart enough to know that he could get to the toy more easily if he went around his dad entirely, but this canine obediently does his simple trick because his dad finds it wacky.

The bulldog looks like a gruff fellow, but his low slung, jowly appearance belies his jolly personality. Hundreds of years ago, this breed had a violent history, used by people to bait bulls and fight other dogs. However, he has overcome his ferocious past and has many traits making him a loyal family pet.

When at the topic of Bulldogs, take a look at the next video. These English Bulldog puppies can't stop kissing each other!

This is Maggie and Stanley. They are two young English Bulldogs who in human standards are clearly in love. In our minds, licking and kissing are one and the same thing, and, even without the science to back us up, we can say that there two are simply adorable!

Now, do dog owners understand the everyday behavior of their beloved four legged friends? What does doggy "kissing" actually mean? American professor of psychology, an expert on animal behavior - about the differences in the perception of the world by man and his pets.

Many owners say that their dog kisses or their dogs love each other so much that they kiss, meaning – they lick each other or they lick the owner’s face. Perhaps you will be surprised, but when licking a person’s or another dog’s face, the dog does not always experience positive emotions. The mother dog licking her young is one of the first bodily contacts for the puppy after birth. A newborn puppy does not hear anything and does not see anything, but it has a keen sense of smell and well-developed tactile sensations. The mother warms the puppy with the licking, stimulates its blood circulation and improves its digestion. Immediately after birth, licking also acquires a hygienic character. Newborn puppies should not emit any smell, as it can attract predators who are not averse to dining on defenseless newborns. After birth, the mother's saliva is saturated with antibacterial substances, which make it possible to clean the puppies' hair and give it a neutral smell.

The goofy bulldog’s adorable antics are too cute! Share a little love with the world today. Spread this video around to cheer up somebody’s day!

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