Cabbie Loses Finger In Road Rage Machete Duel

CENPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

This footage shows a taxi driver losing a finger in a violent machete duel with an irate motorist in the middle of the street with the pair taking swings at each other as women scream in the background.

According to local media, the single combat followed a minor car accident in the area of Lujan in the Costa Rican capital, San Jose.

In video footage of the extraordinary face-off, two men are seen squaring up to each other on a residential street.

The taxi driver by the red car is approached by an aggrieved motorist beside the blue car, seen wearing a red and black top. Both drivers are seen brandishing large machetes.

The motorist attacks the taxi driver first, and the cabbie retaliates by taking wild swipes at the advancing man.

The motorist then kicks out and brings his machete down on the taxi driver’s right hand, severing a finger, according to reports.

The injured combatant falls to the ground and although the motorist has the opportunity to strike a lethal blow, he hesitates and the taxi driver gets to his feet holding his injured hand.

Despite having the upper hand, the motorist appears to lose stomach for the fight and retreats towards his parked car.

The taxi driver picks up a long, thin stick from the ground and approaches the motorist for round two.

The two men angrily exchange words as they size up their next move.

However, as the cab driver brandishes the stick like a bullwhip, the motorist gets into his blue car. For him the duel is over, and he reverses away from the fight scene.

The taxi driver hurls abuse at the retreating combatant and clutches his injured hand.

Two motorcyclists arrive and film the final moments with their phones as the footage ends. The fight footage was recorded by shrieking residents from an upstairs window.

According to local media, the violent incident was not reported to police and the taxi driver went to a nearby medical centre for treatment.

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