Houses And Nursery School Damaged By Tornado

CENPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

Dozens of houses and a nursery school have been damaged after a tornado swept through a town and sent debris flying.

Residents of the town of Alerca, near the southern Chilean port city of Puerto Montt, filmed the weather phenomenon with their smartphones.

The videos, shared by many of them on social media, shows what appears to be a huge tornado over the city.

Debris is seen being picked up by the winds and thrown across the sky as onlookers run for cover.

While local media widely reported the incident as a tornado, Carlos Cavieres, head of the meteorology department at the nearby El Tepual Airport at Puerto Montt, denied it was a tornado.

He said that nobody had been injured in the area which had only been affected by strong winds.

However, residents' smartphone footage suggests otherwise and, while there are no reports of injuries, the town did suffer extensive damage.

Roofs were ripped off dozens of houses, a nursery school was partially destroyed and trees were blown down in some of the city's parks.

Electricity supplies to homes and businesses in several parts of the town were also disrupted by the weather.

Firefighters were kept busy responding to the effects of the tornado and set up an emergency committee to co-ordinate their efforts.

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