This Is The Major Difference Between People Who Live Abroad And Those Who Don't

TravelandLeisurePublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

Living abroad has plenty of incredible benefits. It is an opportunity to travel to new places, meet new people and try new things.

And we are not trying to get overtly poetical about living in foreign countries. We are elaborating a scientifically proven fact.

According to a new study, those who chose to live in a new country tend to have a better sense of self. Researchers found that living abroad triggered “self-discerning reactions”, which means that people tend to reflect on both their own values and norms, as well as those of the new culture. The study also shows that living abroad can bring increased satisfaction, less stress, and improved job performance.

There are other albeit minor benefits from moving your home in a foreign country:
1. All that learning, improvising, dealing with the unexpected gets you adrenaline surges more often than living the routine back home.
2. You feel a sudden sense of freedom, such as you have never felt before. Having every possible comfort and being thousands of miles away from home, you feel like you are able of accomplishing almost everything.
3. You find yourself having two of everything: two homes, two languages, two SIM cards, two bank accounts and two life storylines you dearly want to mash together.
4. The concept of what is normal melts while you absorbing the sharp grinding edges of the two cultures you are attempting to negotiate together into toy pocket.
5. You learn how to say goodbye and properly enjoy yourself.

So, if you have been considering a substantial self-improvement, think of doing it the proper way: pack those suitcases and hit the road!

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