Witnesses Gawk As Landslip Destroys Road Just Feet Away

CENPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

A landslide that destroyed a road linking two towns was caught on video as witnesses watched from just a few feet away.

The smartphone video was taken in western Peru as the road between Pativilca on the coast to Huaraz around 130 miles to the north collapsed.

Landslide watchers are seen terrifyingly close as the cameraman films from the other side of a small valley.

The earth under the road is seen cascading away in small rivulets at first, then more and more falls in ever greater quantities until there is nothing left supporting the tarmac of the road.

Although people are seen watching the ground dissolve from just a few feet away, no one is seen to fall and no injuries were reported.

Heavy storms were reported to have triggered the event.

The moment of the collapse was recorded and shared on social media by Maycol Milla Camones, a local.

Head of the National Institute of Civil Defence in the Ancash region Nestor Coral Sotelo reported: "There is a hole around 30 metres (98 feet) deep. It is a difficult issue, the solution could be to build a bridge but it will take time."

It was reported that the landslip left dozens of vehicles having to turn around and find a different route.

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