Two Women Run Over In Quad Bike Attack After Brawl

CENPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

This is the shocking moment a man runs over two women on his quad bike after having a fight on the street.

34-year-old Szairo Hamlet Emmanuel Serrato Ayala has been arrested by officers after CCTV cameras picked up the horrific attack.

In the video, Ayala can be seen having a fist fight with another man in the streets of Mancora, in the Peruvian region of Piura.

Ayala eventually hits the man to the ground, and then slams his fist into his the back of his rivals head.

Later, Ayala gets onto his quad bike and reverses away from a group of people outside a bar.

The seemingly drunk man then drives straight into the group of people, causing havoc as he crashes into a street-vendors cart.

Ayala then reverses again and drives into the group again, appearing to knock two women over.

Onlookers then hold the quad bike back as Ayala appears to try to and continue driving into people.

Authorities were alerted to the video after the event and arrested Ayala at a gym.

The suspect reportedly fought officers in the gym and was found with a bag containing a paste used to make cocaine and five bags of cannabis.

Ayala has been charged with the attempted murder of two women, 36-year-old Luz Araujo and Liliana Zapata, 44.

It is unclear if the women were injured in the attack.

Local media are reporting that Ayala had previously been arrested for domestic violence.

Mancora is a beach town in the north of Peru popular with tourists for its surfing and night life.

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