Little Girl Jumps From Fire That Killed Little Sis

CENPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

A heart-stopping video shows an eight-year-old girl jumping to safety from a fire that killed her toddler sister and critically injured her little brother.

The girl is seen climbing over a balcony fence as flames leap from a block of flats in the city of Beersheba in the Southern District of Israel.

A group of people are waiting with a blanket outstretched on the floor below her, and they shout for her to jump.

With barely any delay to work up the nerve, the little girl jumps and is safely caught.

The blaze was reported to have killed her two-year-old sister and left her brother, four, in a critical condition.

Paramedics took the children to the Soroka Hospital in Beersheba.

The girl seen jumping in the video and her mother, an unnamed woman in her thirties, were both treated for smoke inhalation and bruising.

A neighbour told local media: "We saw the fire and went downstairs. We heard the mother screaming and saw smoke billowing from their window. We waited for help to arrive. The woman was screaming that her boy was still up there.

"I was on the line with the mother. I heard shouting but didn't know what it was about. When I realised it was a fire, I had my son call the fire department.

"She was on the line with me. She kept going on about not being able to find two of her children. I told her I'll speak to the firefighters and tell them two are missing."

Witness Roey Peretz said: "We saw the flames and we stopped the car. We saw that everything was locked so we climbed up into the building with other friends.

"We saw a young girl out on her balcony amid a lot of smoke. We grabbed a blanket and together with three other residents of the building held it out so that she could jump into it. We called to her to tell her to jump. There was a lot of smoke all around, but finally, she did jump.

Fire chief Eli Peretz said: "When firefighters went upstairs they saw a little girl jumping from the ninth to the eighth floor.

"Before entering the apartment, they attempted to receive information from the mother, who was in bad shape. When they entered the apartment, firefighters found a young girl in the living room and extricated her."

Senior firefighter Aharon Malka said: "We reached the apartment along with other firefighters. The watch commander had us go up to the last floor to let smoke out.

"We entered one of the bedrooms and scanned it, finding two children's beds. We found a small girl in the bed and another young boy under the other bed. Visibility was close to nil. We used flashlights and feeling to locate them."

The dead girl was named as Sarah Shafadov.

An unnamed relative said: "We are in total shock of the terrible tragedy that hit this kind family. The father was at work when it happened. The mother was in a different floor in the house, and they both cannot understand or accept the tragedy."

Her little brother Shneur Zalman Shafadov is reportedly being treated in a high-pressure oxygen chamber.

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