McDonalds Corpse Found After 8 Hours In Cubicle

CENPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

A man who died inside a McDonald’s toilet in mysterious circumstances was left undiscovered for eight hours until a customer notice blood under the door.

The 44-year-old identified by his surname Chiu was found without an ID or any other documents, with police saying an empty syringe was lying on the floor next to his corpse.

Footage from the McDonald’s in south-western Taiwan’s Tainan City captured what is believed to be the last time Chiu was seen alive as he disappears into the restrooms on the ground floor of the restaurant.

The authorities said he entered the bathroom at 2:55pm local time, but it was not until 11pm that a customer noticed blood coming out from under the toilet cubicle door.

Arriving police could not access the cubicle as it was locked - and because Chiu’s corpse was lying against it.

They accessed the cubicle from the top and unlocked the door, at which point medical examiners confirmed Chiu had been dead for several hours.

The corpse did not appear to show any signs of a struggle, police said, with their only clue the empty syringe which they believe he used to inject an as yet unknown substance into his body.

It is still unclear whether the injection was linked to his cause of death.

The blood, the authorities explained, came from the victim’s nose, which likely broke as he collased and slammed his face on the floor.

The McDonald’s has since been shut while investigations continue.

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