This German Shepherd From China Was Trained To Jump 10ft In The Air

NewsflarePublished: March 26, 201810 views
Published: March 26, 2018

Having a dog in your house brings many upsides to your life. All puppy lovers will agree: coming home from work and a smiley face and wagging tail await at your door. Is there anything sweeter than that? Dogs can be easily trained to learn tricks and make your day even better. Watch this amazing German Shepherd as he jumps 10ft above the ground!

In the video, captured in Ningbo City in eastern China's Zhejiang Province on March 10, the two-year-old working dog named Hei Niu runs towards a crouching man, jumps onto his back and then goes airborne, snatching in its mouth some old rags that are tied to a stick and held aloft by another person.

This bouncy German Shepherd has been trained to jump nearly 10-feet high. Hei Niu has been in training for around a year. It is said that he can also climb walls and walk tightropes. His owner has definitely put some effort into his discipline and practice.

It is a well known fact that German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and obedient dogs ever. However, as in any dog breed, a German Shepherd training requires a lot of work and patience. These dogs really like to jump, whether is over the fence, or on you and other people, they do it with a lot of passion and energy. As the most athletic breed in the world, you must understand the dog’s need for running and jumping.

Take a look at the amazing jumping skill of this Chinese German Shepherd. It’s pretty awesome!

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