Charlie The Beagle Goes Wild After Reuniting With His Owner

NewsflarePublished: March 26, 20184,981 views
Published: March 26, 2018

Dog owners around the world can relate to the precious moment when you walk through the door after being out of the house to find your pet anxiously waiting for you. Waging his tail, barking and giving you dog kisses no matter if you like it or not. It’s pure love! This cute video has emerged showing a beagle having a meltdown as he is reunited with his owner after being separated for 18 months. Take a look!

Charlie the beagle wears hear on his sleeve and if you need a proof, just take a look at the reunion with his dad after a year and a half long trip. The footage, shot in Atlanta, GA, the USA on December 3 last year, shows Charlie jumping up to his owner and howling after he came back from a long journey. A camera caught the reuniting of these two friends in all its glory!

The beagle was so excited when he saw his owner Nick Tzekos appearing in the driveway. "Hey Charlie, hello!" said Nick to his beloved doggo in the video. Once he starts talking, Charlie does the same! His howls and yips made everyone laugh.

Even when Nick picks him up in his arms, Charlie continues to show his enthusiastic display of affection and love! His "awoooooh" resembles the pooch’s emotional state and shows how much he missed his dad Nick.

Enjoy this heartwarming clip of Charlie the beagle being so excited to see his owner after a long time! Simply adorable!

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