Great White Shark Spotted Off Daytona Beach

StoryfulNews Published March 26, 2018 17,152 Plays

Rumble You may not have known, but fishing can also be considered one of the most extreme sports depending of course on where you decide to go fishing.It is always better to stick to lakes and rivers when hunting for fish, but sometimes that is just not enough. There is many fishing enthusiasts out there that are willing to go far out of their way to experience new kinds of fishing. These guys prove to be quite the daredevils as their adventure takes them far into the big blue.

A fishing trip was interrupted on March 24 when a Great White Shark was spotted swimming near a small boat about 40 miles off the coast of Ponce Inlet, near Daytona Beach, Florida. Kyle Morningstar, who took this video, told The Daytona Beach News-Journal that he went fishing in the area every second weekend and that he estimated that the shark was 12 to 15-feet long.

Sometimes, all you need is an adventure such as the one these guys experienced to show you that any sport or hobby can turn into quite the story if your willing to put a little effort. For these guys it all turned out well as they live to share their remarkable story of their encounter with the glorious, merciless, Great White Sharks of the Big Blue.

Credit: Kyle Morningstar via Storyful