Viewing The Northern Lights From A Convertible

WonderlistPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

An innovative aurora chaser spots the spectacular Northern Lights from the comfort of his luxury convertible.

Tony Bateman, originally from Runcorn, Cheshire, but now living in Finland, cruises around the Artic circle in search of the light show.

He ditched his regular motor after becoming tired of parking up and getting out to look up and see the strength of the aurora.

Instead, he got his hands on an Audi convertible - allowing him to chase the lights more effectively.

Tony, who runs Aurora Services Tours in Finland, said: “I had been using a normal car for some time, and it was getting on my nerves having to stop, get our, put my coat on and look at the sky for five minutes before reporting back to the tour buses.

“So I thought, there musty be a more efficient approach.

“Now I can drive round and report back on the sky without even leaving the car!”

Incredibly, despite temperatures in the far north of Finland’s Lapland sometimes dipping as low as -30C, Tony is unfazed by his soft-tops chilly side effects.

He added: “It’s well worth getting frost in my beard driving around in such extreme temperatures.

“We’ve been voted the number one aurora tour in Lapland out of over 125 companies. We are genuinely aurora mad and care only about sharing the spectacle that is the northern lights with people.”


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