Humane Society Professionals Help Nurse Sick Baby Fox Back To Health

USATODAY_Animalkind Published March 26, 2018 31 Plays

Rumble A heartwarming footage has emerged of a rescued wild baby fox being nursed back to health. The foxy creature is kept in a cage and given the necessary medications in order to get better and eventually be returned in the wild.

This fox acts like a little child that has just discovered the pure magic of love and the healing powers of medical treatment, as it engages is long play with the nurse. How adorable! The fox shows real childish joy as it is being examined. Cuteness overload!

A rescued red fox kit is cared for at the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee. This baby red fox was rescued from the middle of a busy road. He was likely abandoned because he had mange and respiratory infection. When the humane society saw his cute face, they knew they had to help! Can you resist his cute little face?

This poor little guy is still getting treated for mange so he is still quite itchy. When he is sitting still, he is chewing on his fur due to discomfort. They named the little guy Clover and we think it fits him perfectly. So, now, they are slowly nursing him back to health. When he’s healthy, he’ll go to a rehab facility for socialization, and eventually will be soon released in the wild!

This little critter is an orphaned rescued red fox who is currently being nursed back to health after being found alone in the middle of a busy road. He will be raised in care for a while before hopefully being successfully released back into the wild. The professionals from Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee are doing a great job with this little rascal! He looks so much better already! Great job people!

When they found this unfortunate red fox in the middle of the busy road, it was nearly unresponsive, with mange and respiratory infection. However, the humane society was determined to help the little rascal, so they did! There is no doubt that this grateful red fox will remember his rescuers for a lifetime!