This Is How A Girl And Her Bottle Caps Create Friendships

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Published: March 26, 2018

Standing alone at recess is heartbreaking. So this little girl fixed it, one bottle cap at a time.

Sammie is on a mission to make sure no kid is lonely. She wanted to create “buddy benches” made of plastic for her school.

“If somebody is lonely, or if they are new to the school and do not have anyone to lay with, they can sit on the bench and when other people will see them on the bench they will come up to them and ask them to play, and they can play together.” Sammie says.

Each bench requires 400 lbs. of recycled plastic. So Sammie and her mom collected bottle caps at school and in her community. Word quickly spread and donations poured in. She soon had enough plastic for three benches at her school and enough leftovers to help other schools get started. The benches allow kids to sit comfortably instead of standing alone.

“My son came home from school very excited the other day because he got to ask somebody to play, and they played,” a local mom says.

Sammie’s plastic benches are also a safe space from bullying. A kid can sit there and teachers know to keep an eye on it.

“I am beyond proud. I just cannot stop smiling when I think about it,” Sammie’s mom says.

Sammie got a Certificate of Excellence for her hard work, but she is mostly excited that other kids can feel included.

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