Baby Steals The Spotlight Being The Youngest Member In The House Of Representatives

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

Representative Megan Jones is bonding with her daughter, Alma, at the Iowa Statehouse. Alma goes to work with mom since she is too young for vaccinations and child care. She doesn’t talk much in committee meetings - just a few sounds here and there to let you know she’s upset.

Alma is quickly stealing the show in the Iowa House of Representatives as its newest (and smallest) member. Her mom is gently rocking her in a bassinet on the House floor and balancing bottles, blankets and bill numbers as she runs up and down stairs. While Jones recently leads all kinds of debates, her daughter Alma lays sleeping in a rocker next to Jones' desk on the House floor. As Alma started to fuss, a colleague of her steps in to help and feed Alma with a bottle while mom finishes her work.

“I’ve joked that she needs to get a secretary,” said Alma’s mom. “Because there have been a lot of requests to hold her.” Though other legislators supported Megan taking more maternity leave she says that her folks deserve to have a voice and she adds that they had elected her to do a job, and she just needed to be there. She also says that her husband is a farmer and is virtually impossible for him to strap a Baby Bjorn to his chest and hop in and out of payloaders and tractors and chasing after cows.

Let’s hope that this will send a message to moms telling them that they, too, have a place in Iowa’s citizen Legislature.

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