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Published: March 26, 2018

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When his youthful ambition leads to a tragic marriage, the all-powerful Samson embarks on a quest for vengeance that brings him into direct conflict with the Philistine army. As his brother mounts a tribal rebellion, Samson's relationship with a Philistine temptress and his final surrender to God will help turn imprisonment into a final victory.

SAMSON is based on the powerful, biblical epic of a champion chosen by God to deliver Israel. His supernatural strength
and impulsive decisions quickly pit him against the oppressive Philistine empire. After being betrayed by a wicked prince
and a beautiful temptress, Samson is captured and blinded by his enemies. Samson calls upon his God once more for
supernatural strength and turns imprisonment and blindness into final victory.

“Samson,” the latest cinematic incarnation of the famous Biblical story, is a film that frankly wants to come across
as a tribute to the big religious epics that Hollywood cranked out during the ‘50s and ‘60s. Personally, I have always
had a soft spot for such films, partly for the cheerfully shameless manner in which they blend the key elements of sex,
sin and salvation, and partly for the moments of genuine power and grace that would occasionally shine through the
luridness. The problem with “Samson” is that while it cannot be faulted for its sincerity, it can be faulted for its
sluggish pacing, inconsistent performances and lack of cinematic style that gives the proceedings a tacky feel throughout.

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