Hungry Toddler Goes On Milk Hunt In Primark’s Bra Department

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Published: March 26, 2018

A heartwarming video has emerged of a confused toddler browsing in a bra shop looking for milk. Adorable footage shows the peckish toddler taking matters into her own hands by rooting through bras looking for milk. Adorable!

Mother Vicky Jackson, 35, took her toddler daughter Eve Jackson to a Primark shop with her when she began snooping through the underwear section, checking the bras for breasts so she could have some milk! The reaction this toddler has to bras is priceless!

When 18-month-old Eve was browsing through a bra store with her mom, she suddenly got hungry and decided to seek some food in the store. Watch how determined she is to find a breast inside the displayed bras! She is seen checking the inside of the bra for breasts, so that she can have some lunch. She is heard saying ‘milk, milk’ as she checks the bras in detail! Hilarious!

In this minute-long clip, the little girl is frantically investigating the bras and checking them for nursing clips. Her mum’s giggles can be heard in the background as Eve shouts ‘milk, milk’ while sifting through the bra racks. Precious little toddler!

Reportedly, Eve’s mother explained that Eve was entranced by them. She was determined to inspect every row of these bras that she must have thought they would have boobs in them. It was quite sharp of her to see the bras and think ‘I’m hungry and that’s where milk comes from’, jokes Vicky.

Watch as the toddler looks through every single bra, while picking out the ones that looked like that might have boobs in them, looking behind them and shouting ‘milk’. It was so funny, recalls the mother.

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