An Adorable Dalmatian Dog Is Watching 101 Dalmatians

Caters_NewsPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

Best known for the Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, this cute and athletic dog breed dates hundreds of years ago before the movie. It started off as a coach dog, but the Dalmatian has been used for hunting, as a firehouse dog and in circus performances. With good training and exercise, the Dalmatian can be a great and happy pet. This particular dog in the video is so calm and focused while watching the famous 101 Dalmatians on a laptop.

Some pets just love watching TV. They basically see a slightly degraded version of the images humans see. Dogs have a bichromate vision, which means that they see a range of two primary colors, yellow and blue, unlike humans which have a trichromatic vision. But because dogs are so smart, they can identify the animals that appear on the screen. They just know when dogs are on TV, especially if accompanied by barking noise.

John Brant, the owner of this adorable Dalmatian said that his dog loves the movie and he didn’t move his head from the keyboard until it had finished. He also added: ‘Payton loves watching movies with me, I think this might be his favorite!’. And we don’t doubt it!

With his nose pressed up against a laptop screen, fascinated pooch Payton is mesmerized by the Disney classic. Lying down at home in San Diego, California, USA, the four-year-old dog doesn’t even pull his eyes away until the movie ends.

This is the adorable moment a Dalmatian is glued to the screen while watching 101 Dalmatians. Enjoy it!

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