Rare Phenomenon Of ‘Rainbow Unicorn’ Cloud Appears In The Sky

Caters_NewsPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

A stunning ‘rainbow unicorn’ cloud took one lucky woman’s breath away, when she encountered the rare phenomenon as she arrived at her home. Wendi Fuller was returning from work in Herriman, Utah, when she glanced at the sky and noticed an unfamiliar sight lurking in the clouds slicing through the sky in an awe-inspiring sight. Among a typical landscape of blue and white, eagled eyed Wendi noticed a multi-colored apparition passing through the sky, which at first she thought was a ‘trick of the light’. The unique formation looks like the mythological horned creature, complete with its multicoloured flowing mane.

Grabbing her phone to capture the intense encounter, Wendi watched in awe as the solitary cloud shimmed an array rainbow-like colors as it traversed across the sky. Believed to be an example of ‘cloud iridescence’, the phenomenon can only occur when the angle of light and the clouds align in a specific way, making Wendi’s encounter all the more special to her. The cloud was morphing, making the colors increasingly more vivid.

Wendi, who witnessed the sensation unfold for four minutes until it dissipated, was amazed at how beautiful it was, shimmering in the sky. Unfortunately, it only lasted for four minutes and then it disappeared - the sun was still shining, the clouds were still in the sky but the unicorn was gone. So she was lucky to be able to record it. Certainly, it has made a lot of people happy to look at it.

Phenomenons like these are a reminder of how amazing nature can be.

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