A Skydiver Executes A Perfect Stand-Up Landing Onto A Small Bale Of Hay

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Published: March 26, 2018

A skydiver executed the perfect landing - as he fell from the sky on a small bale of hay. Nicholas Reyes, from Houston, Texas, who has been a full-time skydiver since 2011, has mastered his faultless landing on a bale of hay. Regardless of having accomplished more than 6,000 skydives, this was the first time that Nicholas had completed this feat. Strong determination, practice and persistence always pay off! This material was shot on Nicholas' skydive in New Zealand. Nicholas who is now 25, said:

"I tried this feat on a jump before and did not manage to get it quite precisely, so we went up for an extra jump, improved the set up a bit, and got it right on the subsequent try. It felt incredible when I improved it the second time around, it was the pure sense of achieving an objective that is not at all an easy job. It may not seem that remarkable to some people but it is actually so difficult to describe just how difficult it is to do accomplish a feat like this one!"

In this video, you can see the remarkable moment Nicolas Reyes skydiver manages to land on a tiny hay bale after falling thousands of feet through the air. Nick is an all-around an amazing guy. He took up skydiving at Skydive Spaceland, and took it to another level, traveling and skydiving around the world. Nicolas is an excellent flyer, awesome instructor and a truly amazing human being.

If you have similar videos of your own skydiving feats, do send them to us!

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