Hobby Drone Makes History By Flying At 33,000 Feet

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Published: March 26, 2018

This breathtaking video may look like it was shot from an aircraft, but it was actually captured by an everyday hobby drone, which its owner managed to fly more to a record 33,000 feet (10 kilometers) into the air - close to the cruising altitude of most airliners.

As surprising as it sounds, the technology used for this flight is very common.There is nothing exceptional about the parts used on this drone. All of them can be found at hobby stores and this setup is completely classic. It used a racing frame equipped for high altitude flight. The power train consists of longer than usual propellers (seven inches) mounted on low-speed motors to give enough efficiency and lift at high altitude where the air is thinner. The small aircraft was also loaded with a battery (4S with three packs in parallel) in order to give enough autonomy to reach 33,000 feet.

The flight shows little horizontal drift as the pilot flew on position hold mode (GPS) during the ascent. Essentially, the drone was constantly flying right over the pilot and didn’t seem much affected by jet winds at high altitude. Perhaps, the pilot picked the right day for the flight without much wind. The footage shows the curvature of the Earth gradually pull into view while the drone shakes and buzzes as it rises through the clouds.

It seems that the flight took place in the center of Russia near one Siberian city. The regulation in Russia doesn’t mention an altitude limit for drones. After all, the drone flew close to most airliners’ cruising altitude.

In any case, don’t try this at home and stay clear of aircraft routes.

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