A Young Husky Pooch Is Challenged To A Howling Match

StoryfulPublished: March 25, 201829 views
Published: March 25, 2018

Who said that dogs can’t communicate with their owners? They jump at you, they bark using a whole range of unimaginably funny voices, they squint their droopy dog eyes and lick all over you to show the love and appreciation they have for you. The Internet has seen so many videos of funny and intelligent dogs so far and we bet it will see quite a load of more, but we are deeply convinced that out of all the material out there your dog’s mischiefs are your favorite. Take a look at this cute husky being egged on to a howling match by its very own family!

The hilarious young Siberian husky pooch in this video is being challenged to a howling duel by the very people this pup calls family. The lady making the video puts the entire thing in motion, successfully reproducing canine howling cries. The man on the sofa promptly joins in, proving that this is not an “isolated incident” and that these sorts of contests are taking place regularly at their family home. Our hero, Cash the Husky feels called to perform, raising its fluffy head and putting both of the human contesters immediately to shame. What did you expect, after all?

A young Husky dog was filmed having what seemed like a howling match with its owners. Cash the husky had his vocals tested when his family challenged him to a howling match. Cash gave it his all and made sure his howl was the loudest. Needless to say, he won the match, but it was a close call.

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