Moments Of The Demolition Of The Former University Of Texas Building

StoryfulNewsPublished: March 25, 2018
Published: March 25, 2018

Hundreds of residents gathered early Sunday morning, March 25 to watch the he demolition of the 10-story Ashbel Smith Hall in downtown Austin, Texas. The former administrative offices of the University of Texas, built in 1974 were imploded without a hitch. The space cleared is now to make room for the largest office skyscraper to occupy the Austin skyline.

The building that used to stand for more than 40 years went up in a billowing cloud of dust in only 10 seconds. The spectators were exhilarated, cheering and clapping when it happened.

"I'm a builder and I've taken buildings down, so I've never seen them implode before and that was something I wanted to see," said Robbie Marsh, who brought his father and kids from Georgetown to watch the implosion.
"It went perfect," said Buck, who explained it will take around two months to clean up the debris.

However, the 10 seconds of controlled tearing down took a lot more time in planning. A portion of this spectacle is shown in the video on the top of the page. The actual controlled implosion was preceded by more than 10 months of preparation: removing the windows to prevent glass shard projectiles and making sure explosives are set at strategic points in order for the building to collapse in the wanted direction.

This project is aimed at putting more density into the center of the city. If all goes as planned, the developers hope to start construction on a new building this summer.

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