Homeless Dogs Saved Soldier’s Life, And Reunited With Him 4 Months Later!

DJORUMBLE Published March 24, 2018

Rumble Great news for these dogs – they are going home! When an American soldier named Chris Duke was stationed in Afghanistan, little did he know that he would meet three special beings that would change his life forever. One day, he came across three homeless dogs, and took his time to feed and care for them. The dogs, whom he named Sasha, Rufus and Target respectively, were extremely gentle yet playful. Chris quickly forged a bond with the canine trio, spending as much time as he could with them.Chris and his team decided to bring the dogs back to their base so that they would have a place to eat, sleep and rest for the nights to come. According to Chris, the three dogs were a source of comfort for many of his teammates – especially if they were homesick.The dogs didn’t just become good friends with Chris and his colleagues, however. They would even go on to save their lives.......