Skilled Father Prepares Healthy Salmon In Two Minutes

NewsflarePublished: March 24, 2018
Published: March 24, 2018

Making dinner for your kids and family can be very stressful and time consuming. It can also be a problem when all the kids want something different and you have to decide what to make. Often times the most stressful part is the amount of time cooking dinner for your family can take. It can take a couple of hours and after just getting home from work, this can be a daunting task.

YouTuber VivaFrei demonstrates his parental hacks and shows how to prepare a healthy salmon dinner in just two minutes. Although the finished product looks good and is certainly quick, the response from VivaFrei's three children is somewhat mixed. Watch to find out!

This video shows how a father whips up some quick dinner for his kids and sees how they like it. Maybe if you like his recipe you can add it to your weekly meals and serve it at home. Maybe even take a little more time with it! This is a nice, quick recipe for parents to serve their children, and prepare a tasty meal in just two-minute time.

Salmon is a very healthy protein so its nice you can serve a healthy meal quickly rather than getting fast food! Dinner that takes so much time to make is one of the reasons why fast food is so popular among people. Sometimes it is much easier to pull over and buy something after a long day at work.

This father starts by taking his two salmon pieces and lays them on a baking sheet. He has an assortment of seasonings he plans to use! He starts off by adding some of the seasonings, some pepper, sesame oil, salt, etc. Obviously, if you are recreating this at home, feel free to change up the seasonings according to your taste buds!

He is moving very quickly and put all different seasonings on the salmon. Once he has it seasoned he fires up the toaster oven to cook the salmon. The toaster oven heats much faster than a regular oven since it is so small. The total cook time took about 10 minutes for the salmon. While the salmon cooks, his three kids wait for their dinner! He has three kids who are patiently waiting to try this two-minute prep salmon!

Once the salmon is nice and cooked he takes it out of the toaster oven and brings it over to his kids. While they watch television, he shows them the salmon and the younger ones are ready to eat. The oldest kid ignores the salmon while on the phone, very much like kids nowadays! He seems to get the sign of approval form his young toddlers and brings it to the table to eat. He slowly starts at his youngest son and pinches a piece of the salmon off for him to try.

The young boy eats the first bite and really likes it! He can’t wait to try another bite, it seems his son really likes salmon! Next is the middle child’s turn, which seems confused by the taste but goes in for more. The oldest daughter tries but dad serves some salmon up her nose by accident. All in all, the kids didn’t seem to mind the new recipe. The youngest boy was the biggest fan and kept gobbling it up! You can add this salmon meal to your recipe book if you like it!

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