Amazing Boy Fishing, Free line Fishing By Smart Boy in Siem Reap - Fishing techniques

Fishwildlife Published March 23, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Amazing Boy Fishing - Free line Fishing is one of Cambodian fishing a long time ago.In Kampong Cham province,fish-men used seine net for catching fish in dry season.Because dry season there is not too much water and it is easy to catch the fish too.Sometimes people cut the trees down to make them dry and put dry trees in a small lake to keep the fish inside . When the fish come into that they used seine net to catch the fish.
In this video clips we used seine net to catch the fish using seine net covering some parts of a pond and trying to take off some outside until the water is clear ,we moved seine net step by step to combine the seine net to be smaller and smaller.After that we are catching the fish .
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