These Quick Fixes Might Help You Solve Some Everyday Problems

HouseholdHackerPublished: March 22, 201823,140 views
Published: March 22, 2018

Almost every single day, you encounter one or two problems that could potentially ruin your whole day. This video may help you learn brilliant quick fixes and life hacks for everyday problems. Now that life's a little bit easier, you'll have that time to tackle the other tasks you've been putting off.

You wake up late, you are running late for work or school and you don’t have time to iron your shirts. Try out the following tip instead: Grab a towel and get it slightly damp. Toss your towel and your wrinkled clothes in a dryer and set it to high heat for 15 minutes. It may not be perfectly unwrinkled but when you are pressed for time and out of options this is definitely the next best thing. Speaking of morning routines, hopping out of shower and being faced with a foggy mirror, can really slows you down but using a cheap bar of castile soap will make your mirror stay clear for two or three weeks.

Getting locked out of one of your favorite websites can be really frustrating. The website ‘LastPass’ eliminates the problem of remembering tons of passwords because it securely keeps track of them all. How about the your WiFi? Don’t you hate it when your WiFi slows down, loses signal or just cuts out altogether?? What you can do is get a simple automatic timer for your wall socket and set it to power down when you are sleeping. When your set time hits the router will shut down and pop back on few minutes later giving it a nice fresh reboot at the start of each day.

When it comes to computers, we all hate when our laptop batteries drain faster than expected. So, what you need to do is switch off the background apps that slow down your laptop and save your battery.

Dealing with ant invasion is a real problem. You just need a Borax laundry booster and some sugar, make a mixture and send those pests away.

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