German Shepherd simply won't share!

Shadow1Published: March 22, 2018Updated: March 27, 20184,076 views
Published: March 22, 2018Updated: March 27, 2018

Shadow the German Shepherd will not share his toys and will not let his owner get hold of it no matter what she does or says, Shadow is not one for sharing his favorite stick!

Take a look at Shadow with his toys he is very protective of them and pulls some really cute faces when his owner asks for his stick, those eyes are to die for! They are so funny and his eyes alone tell a story on their own they are hilarious!!

When Nicole his owner cannot get his toy through persuasion she then has to try another tactic! She tries to be intelligent and tactical to remove the bone from her best friend possession. After some deliberation she pretends that someone is at the door, Shadow instinctively turns on his guard dog mode and darts for the window, subsequently dropping his toy to shout at anyone who may be at the door!

It worked..... At that moment she remarks "Who's that Shadow?", in true Shadow fashion, he lets his toy plummet to the floor as he leaps up on the sofa to see who is there. Alas, there is nobody at the door and when the realization hits he runs back to his owner to retrieve his toy, she has tricked him! She managed to steal his toy so he jumps back down and retrieves the toy from her pulling funny face's all the while.

A little later she tries again just to see if he has learned from the first time she pulled it off. Although Shadow is very intelligent she manages to trick him once more. She is too smart for him!

Shadows has bags and bags of character, and we definitely wouldn't have him any other way. The face's he pulls has many people amused and everyone who meets him adore's him and love his mannerisms and his typical German Shepherd behaviors. He really is mans best friend.

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