Baby Has Hilarious Reaction To Meeting Mom's Twin Sister

StoryfulPublished: March 21, 201821,644 views
Published: March 21, 2018

Meeting family members can be kinda awkward for kids, especially when they are really young. There are all these people who seem to know your name and really want to hug you and kiss you and pinch your cheeks. Why do they do that?

But can you imagine what must be going on inside a little kid’s head when they see a stranger that looks exactly like mommy or daddy? How come there are two of them now? Which one is the real one?

Something like that happened to 10-month-old Felix, who lives with his mom Christine and his dad, Canadian sergeant Dainius Šileika, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Mom has an identical twin sister named Stephanie, who still lives in Canada and they came to visit her. The two sisters have not seen each other for months before this and it is safe to say that this is the first time Felix meets the aunt that looks like a carbon copy of mom!

The two women look exactly alike, except for their hair color, so mom Christine knew her baby boy will have a priceless reaction when he meets his aunt. Dad grabbed his phone and started recording as soon as aunt Stephanie entered the house and the kid did not disappoint!

His eyes go wide when he spots a familiar face, but then turns around to see that exact same face, but with different hair. He is happy to see them both, but which one is mom? Why would they give him two moms?

This is exactly what we needed to brighten our day!

Credit: YouTube/Dainius Sileika via Storyful

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    Kidsmagic · 14 weeks ago

    "How did you do that Mom?" lol. Just gorgeous.