Crosswinds Make For Some Tricky Landings At Amsterdam Airport

StoryfulPublished: March 20, 2018
Published: March 20, 2018

Who would ever think about flying in or around severe weather? Although we’d like to say we would never fly in the worst of conditions, sometimes it is inevitable.

This dramatic video shows planes being blown from side to side by an intense storm as they descend onto the runway at Schipol Airport. Despite the extreme gusts, the pilots manage to keep their nerves and bring the aircraft to the runway safely using a technique known as 'crosswind landing’. For nervous flyers, crosswind landings can be terrifying, but pilots receive thorough training on how to perform them.

As the nail-biting clip begins, the wind blows the plane with so much force that it almost spins it right around because Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is engulfed by ferocious crosswinds and passenger planes coming into land felt the full force. The video captured from the Amsterdam airport shows the hair-raising landing of planes that battled the severe winds. The planes are rocked from side to side as they come in for an extremely rocky touchdown. The planes pivoted sideways as they come closer to the tarmac. They then scoot down on their back wheels before eventually bringing down the front as well.

Though crosswind landings can be harrowing for passengers on board, pilots are well trained to perform the difficult task. A technique called ‘crab landing’ is used, which involves coming in to land slightly sideways, so the nose is in line with the runway.

It’s really impressive to see how the skilled pilots deal with crosswinds during the severe storm.

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