Girl Defies Her Condition By Frequently Getting Out Of Her Wheelchair

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Published: March 20, 2018

Seattle Lennox was just a baby when she suffered a spinal cord injury. The injury was caused by an inflammation to both sides of the spinal cord, which can develop at any time, resulting in interruption of the messages sent to the rest of the body.

Doctors were not optimistic she would survive this attack, something that rarely happens with little children, believing the best case scenario to be paralysis from the skull down.

Now, age nine, Seattle is a miracle of her own! Thanks to years of extensive therapy, the little girl is able to force herself out of her chair and try some activities with her siblings. She can now swim, dance, even rock climb, just like the rest of them.

She regularly suffers from fatigue that cripples her and low muscle function, but still she pushes herself to her limit. Her mom Lindsay said: “The doctors still stare in amazement every time they see her. They cannot believe it. She sees her brother, sister and friends doing things and she’ll want to do it so badly that she’ll just push herself. She’s willing to try anything. She is just so determined. That’s how she has been able to do all of this.”

Thanks to her determination, Seattle is the best swimmer in her family, going swimming every day in the summer for hours on end. After a foot surgery in September, she was supposed to rest for two months, but her ambition made her go back to school a month early.

Just the kind of hero we need!

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