This Couple Had Always Wanted A Pet Cat So They Adopted A Puma Cub From The Local Zoo

Caters_NewsPublished: March 20, 2018
Published: March 20, 2018

Some couples do love living their lives on the wild side. No, this article is not about extreme rock climbing or hang gliding but about adopting a wild animal and accepting it in your home and heart as an unusual but no less adorable pet. Mariya and Alexander Dmitriev from Penza, Russia, have taken in a pet puma.

The couple instantly fell head over heels with the kitten Messi, insomuch that they did not think twice before bringing it home from their local zoo. They first needed to nurse the weak puma back to health. This is when the actual bonding began. How their hallway is adapted into a puma playpen, they also invested in a tailored coat and harness for Messi so they can take him on walks. Mariya, 28, says that their puma gout his name Messi, after the famous football legend. The zoo in Saransk, where Messi was born, had a puma litter of three cubs and they named them all after renowned football players in honor of the upcoming World Cup in Russia. Messi was sold to the zoo in Penza when he was only three months. This is where Maria and Alexander first saw him and fell in love with him instantly. They had a moral dilemma whether is acceptable to keep a wild animal in domestic conditions, both for the surroundings and for the animal itself. But love is love and they went straight back to the zoo to take him.

Although they knew little about puma nursing and despite the cub needing tons of attention, they had no qualms about making the right decision. In the end, Alexander, 38, had always wanted have a cat at home, but a pet puma was a bit of an outstretch.

Having such a large cat at home can be a bit dangerous, of course, but Messi is not your everyday wildcat. People who have met Messi say they sometimes believe this pet is just like a human being: talkative, answering questions, agreeing or disagreeing when someone speaks to him. They also have a pet cat, Kira, living in with them for a long time now, and she is the one that does not approve the new family member. Cats!

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