Boy Given Surprise Heart Transplant News By Doctor Dressed As Chewbacca

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Rumble It doesn’t matter if you are a Star Wars fan or not, you’re gonna love this. A doctor dressed as Chewbacca delivers the news this young Star Wars fan has been waiting months to hear - a heart has become available for transplant. Austin Eggleston, 15, from Pontiac in Illinois, USA, was born with three congenital heart defects - a double inlet left ventricle, a coarctation of his aortic arch and a transposition of his greater vessels.

When he was placed on a heart transplant list nearly five months ago he and his doctor made a deal. Dr. Phillip Thrush promised die-hard Star Wars fan Austin that when a heart became available, he would deliver the good news wearing a Chewbacca costume. This is why Dr. Thrush came good on his promise on Saturday, March 17, speaking Wookie as he surprised Austin at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago.

Just look at the excitement on this boy’s face. Austin is ecstatic, jumping up and down all over his hospital room. He even needed to be reminded that he might rip out the tubes. Seeing the camaraderie between doctor and patient makes us wish that there were more doctors like this and less patients in need of those kinds of doctors. We’re extremely happy that this little boy is presented with a chance to live a healthier life and we wish him all the best.


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