This Big Ape Likes To Have His Snack On The Run

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: March 19, 2018111 views
Published: March 19, 2018

It only took two fistfuls of tomatoes and a few steps for one mature lowland gorilla to rise to viral fame. Louis, the 18-year-old male, was spotted at the Philadelphia ZOO, walking upright for a very good reason. He had just scored a major snack and wanted to munch it down in some peace and quiet. So he grabbed as many tomatoes as his hands could hold and, not wanting to crush them, he took a stroll on two legs, away from the prying eyes.

Zookeepers noticed his peculiar behavior earlier this month. In the eight-second-video, adorably titled “Snacking On The Run”, the zoo explains that it is not at all uncommon for gorillas to walk on two legs. It is just that this gorilla here has made it a habit.

“He can often be seen walking bipedally when his hands are full of snack or when the ground is muddy (so he doesn’t get his hands dirty),” the ZOO said. Of course, in a world still struck by what happened with Harambe, people had their thoughts about the ape’s behavior. Does he have a compulsive disorder? Is there something wrong with his two front limbs? Actually, it’s a far less dramatic, but still very endearing reality.

Louis is thoroughly healthy, weighing 470 pounds of solid muscle and both his front as back legs are perfectly fine. The only difference is that, while other gorillas would only walk on two legs for a few seconds at a time, Louis can do for far longer. He even seems to prefer it!

He is not the only one though. Another silverback gorilla on the other side of the planet caused quite a stir in public when he was spotted walking on two legs like a human. Park officials say that Ambam, a 27-year-old silverback gorilla at Port Lympne Animal Park in Kent, UK, has not been trained to do so and that he probably behaves this way so that he may have a better view of his carers or to be able to see where the food is being scattered in the enclosure.

We, too, like to walk with such authority when our hands are full of snacks!

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