Rock-Throwing Thugs Force Car Into Other Lane With Fire

CENPublished: March 18, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018

This footage shows how yobs started a fire in one lane on a motorway so they could force motorists into another and pelt them with rocks from an overpass.

A driver’s dashcam recorded as he travelled along an otherwise empty road in the city of Durban in Eastern South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

Seeing a fire in one lane under a bridge, the unidentified driver moves over to the right.

But as soon as he comes out from under the bridge, a huge rock crashes through his windscreen.

The driver swears but keeps his car under control to drive to safety. The video was shared online by road safety Group Arrive Alive.

Arrive Alive wrote with the video: "Reported as new modus operandi. They make a fire in one lane and force you to use the other one. You instinctively slow down and then they throw the rock from the bridge. Below was recorded on a dashcam."

Group spokesman Johan Jonck said: "It was an isolated incident and we don’t want to cause panic, but the manner in which it happened indicated that this is becoming increasingly threatening."

South African media saw the incident as an extension of an growing crime in which people throw rocks at cars.

The motive for such attacks, including the one on the video, was not clear.

Local media say siblings Abdul and Amina Haffajee were killed in one such incident, in the KwaZulu-Natal town of Tongaat in December.

Another victim, 27-year-old Sashnie Daniel, spent almost a week in a coma following rock-throwing incident, and was for a time on life support.

The incidents became so common that Deputy Mayor of eThekwini Fawzia Peer posted lookouts at 16 rock-throwing blackspots.

Local media say that despite a surge in the number of such crimes, hardly any arrests have been made.

But one suspect named as 26-year-old Nkosinathi Mthalane is due in Durban Magistrate’s Court soon after allegedly hurling rocks at vehicles from a bridge in Durban.

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