Fisherman Airlifted After Hand Amputated With Saw

CENPublished: March 18, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018

This footage shows a fisherman who had his hand amputated following a horrific saw accident on board a fishing vessel being airlifted by helicopter.

According to the Argentine Ministry of Security, the 23-year-old Portuguese worker lost his left hand in a saw accident while working "in the fishing vessel’s processing plant".

Argentina’s Naval Prefecture was alerted to the situation and dispatched a helicopter and small plane.

A doctor for the Naval Prefecture instructed the ship’s captain which emergency steps to take while they sent the rescue team.

The young man was transferred to the Hospital Zonal de Trelew in the Chubut Province of southern Argentina.

In dramatic footage of the rescue mission, an emergency team locates the fishing vessel and attend to the semi-conscious amputee on the ship’s deck before preparing him for the airlift.

Staff on board the naval aircraft filmed the helicopter hoisting the man, accompanied by a rescue worker, on board the chopper.

He was then transferred to Trelew where hospital workers were waiting to stretcher him onto an ambulance.

Head of the Rawson Naval Prefecture Jorge Cordoba said: "The patient arrived with members of the rescue team. We have a protocol for these kinds of incidents which ensures safe transport to the nearest appropriate health centre, and that a medical team is waiting to give necessary attention as quickly as possible."

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