Pooch Rides Pillion On Bikers Epic 5,000-Km Journey

CENPublished: March 18, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018

This biker has completed an epic 5,000-kilometre journey around Argentina with his trusty dog calmly riding pillion - even when crossing torrential rivers.

Biker Dardo Campostrini rode his powerful two-wheeler around the huge country with his pet, Pocho, who he had adopted as a puppy at the beginning of his journey, sitting behind him, not even strapped in much of the time.

And videos and photographs taken of the pair by other road users and shared on social media have turned the pair into national celebrities.

One popular clip, posted on video-sharing platforms, shows Pocho standing behind Mr Campostrini with his paws on his shoulders as they speed along a road.

There is also another one that shows the biker and the dog in the back crossing a flooded river being helped by another man. The dog is seen sitting quietly on the bike despite the risky situation.

But Dardo also recorded himself during the trip and this video shows the dog in the back having fun with the trip seen from the mirror.

By the time they returned to the capital city of Buenos Aires to complete their 5,000-kilometre (3,100-mile) journey, after 12 months, they were making national headlines.

Mr Campostrini said the one question that everybody had wanted to ask him was how he had managed to train Pocho to sit on the back of his bike without falling off.

But he said: "It took him just five minutes to get used to it.

"People ask me how I trained him and I tell them that Pocho did not need anything to adapt because he took to it straight away."

Mr Campostrini said 15-month-old Pocho had been just a puppy when they started the journey. He adopted him from his mother after she suffered an accident.

They have been inseparable ever since, living together in the city of Florencio Varela, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires, when they are not on the road.

The pair visited other Argentina provinces such as Santa Fe, Cordoba, La Rioja, Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy during their adventure which Mr Campostrini shared on his Facebook profile.

Netizen 'Alfonsina Laszuk' commented: "I'm dying - it's beautiful! Congratulations. Very good video", while 'Mirta Falcon' said of one shot: "What a beautiful picture!!!!!"

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