Lightning Kills 103 Oxen Leaving Farmer With Huge Bill

CENPublished: March 18, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018

This is the shocking aftermath of an electrical storm that left 103 oxen dead and a farmer with 28,000 GBP of lifeless livestock.

In the video, a group of dozens of white oxen can be seen lying dead in a field.

Birds seem to be picking at the dead animals' bodies under a tree.

The oxen were reportedly struck by lightning during an electrical storm, dying instantly.

Paulo Elifas, the owner of the farm, estimates the worth of the animals at 130,000 BRL (28,300 GBP).

A worker on the farm saw the dead oxen the day after the storm, but thought the animals were sleeping.

It was only when a passer-by saw the huge mass of lifeless animals that anybody realised what had happened.

The deadly storm occurred in Cacoal, an area in the Brazilian state of Rondona.

Elifas told reporters: "I heard the noise from the lightning, a bang, and I remember that I still thought about the danger of the lightning falling on the house, and with all the noise nothing would remain.

"When the rain calmed I returned to Cacoal (the town)."

Elifas added: "That person (who saw the dead oxen) found the keeper of the farm and said that the cattle were dead. After I was informed, I went to the property.

"I am really shaken up by all of this. They were all together under a tree to protect themselves from the rain."

The farm owner said that the tree was undamaged and he thinks the lightning struck the animals directly.

The oxen have now been buried as they were beginning to smell, according to reports.

Elifas told reporters he had asked the bank if the accident was covered by insurance, but they told him it was not.

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