Cops Clash With Migrants After Street Sellers Death

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Published: March 18, 2018

Violent clashes between migrants and riot police have broken out on the streets of Spain's capital Madrid after protesters held the authorities responsible for the death of a Senegalese street vendor.

Riots took place after 35-year-old Mmame Mbage, who reportedly arrived in Spain by boat over 12 years ago, was allegedly chased through the streets by police and suffered a heart attack.

According to a 25-year-old hawker from Senegal named Modou: "Police arrived and chased him from Sol (area in central Madrid several blocks from the riot scene) to Lavapies on motorbike. In the end, he collapsed and died there."

Incensed that the death was needless and that, as a migrant and street vendor, he was unfairly targeted, mostly migrant residents in the area gathered to protest.

Firefighters and riot police were dispatched to the vibrant multicultural area of Lavapies in the Spanish capital.

During the confrontation, an angry mob set fire to bins and a motorbike and threw heavy objects at officials.

Fighting broke out between 8pm on 15th March and spread from street to street, lasting until around 1am.

According to local media, bus stops, shops and bank branches were targeted by angry demonstrators.

Police used rubber bullets to quell the violent outbreaks.

At least 20 local residents have been injured during clashes, while 10 police officers were also hurt.

Six protestors have been arrested.

Hundreds of people took to the streets as sporadic violence flared-up and bystanders filmed with their phones.

Incredible footage of the chaotic scenes has been uploaded to social networks.

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena said that the City Council will "thoroughly investigate" the events and "act accordingly". She added that she "lamented" the Senegalese man's death and offered her condolences to friends and family.

Local authorities have denied any wrongdoing with regards to Mbage’s untimely death.

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