Man Kicked Off Flight For Insulting Black Attendant

CENPublished: March 18, 2018
Published: March 18, 2018

This footage shows a 70-year-old passenger who insulted a black cabin crew member because he did "not want blacks around" being booted off a Tenerife flight.

The elderly man allegedly told the female flight attendant, who according to reports has a Senegalese background: "Get away from me, I do not want blacks around me."

The incident took place on a Binter Canarias internal flight between North Tenerife Airport and La Palma Airport in the Canary Islands, Spain.

The Canarian airline has shown full support for its employee and filed a complaint against the man for racist abuse.

On the Tenerife tarmac prior to take off, the unnamed traveller made the comment and was told by the insulted cabin crew member: "Take your suitcase and get off the plane."

The flight captain left the cockpit and also asked the elderly passenger to leave the plane. When he refused, the captain requested the assistance of the Civil Guard and two officers got on the plane to escort the man off.

Once the rude passenger was removed from the flight, it took off and made its way to the island of La Palma with a 20-minute delay.

After the man allegedly insulted the flight attendant, passengers recorded the scenes with their phones and uploaded videos to social media.

In the footage, the flight captain is seen speaking with the accused as two Civil Guard officers enter the plane.

After a brief protest, the man removed his case from the overhead locker and left the plane, grumbling to himself as he went.

The man's nationality is currently unclear.

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