Horse Goes For A Swim, Friendly Dolphins Decide To Tag Along

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: March 16, 201818,988 views
Published: March 16, 2018

This is the heartwarming moment when a spirited horse and his caretaker go for a swim in the ocean and befriend lovely dolphins. Footage shows the incredible bond this pet forms with the water animals. How adorable!

This is what happens when you’re a land animal but your besties live in the ocean. You take the courage to join them once in a while. When Breeze, the horse, trots in the ocean his dolphin friends decide to join him and tag along!

A pod of dolphins can be seen playing in the waves, swimming alongside the horse and his caretaker. What an incredible scene! This spirited horse jumped in the ocean for a swim with the dolphins. That is something that we don’t see every day! What a special bond!

This is the amazing moment a horse encountered a few dolphins whilst going for a swim on a beach in South Australia. The footage, captured by the racehorse trainer in December 2017, shows three dolphins swimming just a few inches from the horse as it trots in shallow waters.

The playful dolphins can be seen darting in and out of the water as if they were encouraging the horse to join them. The horse’s trainer, Charlotte Littlefield, currently resides in Melbourne, where she regularly takes her equestrian friend for a swim. They train on the beach on most morning to help him relax and recover after a hard workout. The dolphins seem to help as well.

‘The Newest Equine Training System, we take our young horses out swimming with dolphins. This particular horse Breeze is a dolphin magnet. As he swims he groans and seems to consistently attract our beautiful dolphin friends to come and play with us.’

‘Occasionally the animals play together slashing and dancing, most of the time we are all just amazed by each other’s company. He is only a young horse but the dolphins have chosen correctly this time, his trainer believes he is that magic one in a million horse who will one day change the world.’

‘Everyone is very excited when the dolphins visit,' Charlotte said. ‘It's hard to describe in words the experience other than out of this world and breathtaking. It's a real privilege.’

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