Villagers tie up massive intruder crocodile to teach it a lesson

NewsflarePublished: March 16, 2018
Published: March 16, 2018

Indian villagers caught and tied up a massive crocodile after it entered their village.

The incident occurred at Hole Hangaragi village near Vijayapura in South India on March 14.

The villagers said forest officials had ignored their plea to remove the crocodile, which had made a habit of straying into their village, looking for easy prey such as poultry or cattle.

Fed up with the crocodile menace, which had created panic in the village, a few young men caught the animal and tied it up with ropes.

Siddappa Patil said: “Killing the crocodile would have invited legal action, So, the local youth decided to tie it up and teach it a lesson.”

The villagers placed it on a handcart and tried to take the crocodile to a nearby river to set it free.

But the forest officials went to the village on hearing the development. They took away the animal and released it into the river later.

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