This Little Girl Has An Emotional Reaction To News Of Toys 'R' Us Closing

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Rumble Once a hallmark of our childhood, Toys ‘R’ Us have closed down their shops. All of them. Even we as young adults are torn apart by the news, knowing that we will never be able to take our kids there to share the excitement with them. But the kids that are still little have it the hardest. Where will they go to look at toys now?

This is the moment a little girl breaks down after being told Toys ‘R’ Us is closing its stores by her mischievous older brother.

Adorable Cecilia Zellers, aged five, is so overwhelmed with emotions at the devastating news her favorite toy store is shutting down, that she breaks down in floods of tears. After having the heart-breaking information broken to her by her big brother Giuseppe, aged eight, Cecilia begins crying prompting mom Jessica Iffert to enter the room to find out what’s wrong.

Cecilia tells her mom it’s because she doesn’t want Toys ‘R’ Us to close and wishes it would stay forever - worried that she will no longer be able to get her favorite Barbie anymore.

Jessica tells her everything will be okay and that she’ll be able to get toys in other stores, but it’s not enough to console her daughter as she comes to grips with the giant store closing. Mom tells her little girl about all the other stores where she will be able to shop for toys, but Cecilia won’t stop wailing. In fact, she even turns her back to mommy, wishing she would just go away and let her mourn in peace.


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