Meet The World's Biggest Puppy That Stands 6-Feet-Tall

Caters_NewsPublished: March 16, 201825 views
Published: March 16, 2018

If you're looking for a house to rob, well take a look at this video and make sure you stay away from Jared Howser's place in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is an amazing story about the biggest dog in the world! Dino dog! Sorry, we meant puppy! This unbelievable world’s biggest puppy bred to is 6ft tall and already weighs more than the average human at just 9 months old. Wow!

A nine-month-old dog that weighs 12 stone, 180lb and stands six-foot-tall may be the world's biggest puppy. Enormous Euphrates was bred to replicate a prehistoric canine species and eats an impressive eight cups of dog food a day. And the crazy fact is that she will probably grow even more! She is a member of a new breed called the American Molossus, selectively bred to be the closest genetic descendant of the Mesopotamian Molossus, a massive dog species that died out 7,000 years ago. A beast, a gargoyle an American Molossus! We are sure that even if she looks scary, she is a sweet little baby after all! She loves to run, play catch and cuddle a lot!

Jared adores his puppy and he speaks with lots of love for her saying: "She is very affectionate with us, when we take her out in public she is very affectionate with children and women especially".

Would you give her a big hug?

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